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Magnified Grass

Lawns Made Easy

   At Banfield’s Lawncare and Landscaping, we provide professional lawncare services that focus on soil balancing to help you achieve the most beautiful lawn possible. Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to providing the best top-notch customer service, and have the skill and knowledge to handle any lawncare needs that you may have.  We understand that a healthy, well-maintained lawn is essential for your outdoor living space, and that’s why we strive to offer the best in lawncare services.  From fertilization to weed control to soil balancing, we have the expertise to make sure your lawn is in the best shape possible.

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Experience Professional, Quality Lawncare Services

with Banfield's Lawncare and Landscaping


Potassium will be applied to help with root strength.  Any present weeds will be sprayed.

Late Winter Application


A fertilizer rich in micro-nutrients to encourage spring green up of the lawn and help promote deeper root development.  Also a weed control will be applied to any weeds present in the lawn.

Late Spring Application


A summer fertilizer rich in nutrients will be applied to help with color, thickness, and resistance to summer stress.  Any weeds in the lawn will be spot treated at this time.  Also, an insecticide will be applied to the lawn to control insects.

Summer Application


A fertilizer high in potassium will be applied to begin preparing your lawn for cooler temperatures and storing potassium for dormancy.  A herbicide will be applied at this time for existing weeds in the lawn.

Fall Application


This application consists of pre-emergent crabgrass control to help prevent grassy weeds, some broadleaf weeds, and a post emergent weed control for weeds present in the lawn.  Potassium will also be applied to help the roots strengthen from winter stress.

Pre- Emergent Application


Potassium will be applied to help with root strength and heat tolerance. An insecticide will help with summer pests such as chinch bugs, spittle bugs, fire ants, mole crickets, etc.  Any present weeds will be sprayed.

Early Summer Application


A fertilizer high in nitrogen will be applied.  A herbicide will also be applied for broadleaf weeds brought on by the excessive summer rains.  We will also keep an eye on potential insects and treat accordingly.

Late Summer Application


This application consists of high amounts of potassium which will help develop the root system for winter months.  A pre-emergent will also be applied for winter weed control.

Winter Application

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Discover What's Below the Surface
with a Soil Test!

Our soil test service will provide you with the information needed to ensure your lawn has the correct nutrients and soil pH for optimal growth. Our expert team will take samples of your soil and have them tested in a laboratory to determine the exact composition of your soil. With this information, we can make sure that your soil is properly balanced and your lawn can flourish.

Garden Soil

Core aeration is an essential lawncare service

that helps to reduce compaction and promote

healthy root growth. It involves removing small

plugs of soil from the turf to allow air, water and

nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Core

aeration also helps to reduce thatch build-up

and improves the overall quality of the lawn.

Get to the Core of a Healthy
Lawn with Core Aeration

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