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     If you are looking to rejuvenate your landscaping, the first step is for our company representative, Mark Beets, to meet with you one on one to discuss your ideal landscape (favorite plants, likes and dislikes on colors, and preferred landscape maintenance level) and to take pictures of the property to bring back to the landscape designer. Our designer will then use a professional landscape program to bring the ideas to life.  This program will map out all landscaping bed shapes while showing you what plants will be installed and where they will be planted. The next step is for Mark Beets to reunite with you to review the design. Along with the design, Mark will present you with a detailed list of the included plants as well as information about each one. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the design, so if there are any concerns or dislikes, our team is always willing to modify a design until you are thrilled with the design.  Once you approve the design, we do require a deposit of %30 of the total landscaping project to reserve a date on the schedule. 

Tropical Leaves

With Over 30 years of


Balance in a landscape is

what makes things look and

feel comfortable.  Balance can

be symmetrical or



Design Aspects

Though many parts make up a completed landscape,

the following elements are always the inspiration behind our flourishing designs 


Unity ties things together.  

Repetition, rhythm, and

sequence are the tools used to

create it.  This unites the

landscape with repeated color

and shape.  Unity is maintained

by the gradual progression

of styles.

Accent is the spice of any design. 

Any element can become an accent if it contracts with its surroundings.  Accents may be as small as a blossom or as large as bright red maple.


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"As evidenced by the before and after photos below, Banfields' created a lovely backyard environment from a weedy sandpit starting from the design through the execution and finishing touches. They worked with us to find the kind of plants that would be maintenance free, colorful, attractive to birds and have growth patterns that would harmonize and compliment each other. They built a hardscape walkway and grilling platform as well as a functional and decorative firepit that essentially serves as an outdoor patio and they surrounded the remaining space with lush grass. When we had questions, they responded quickly and even came out to survey the work in person a year later. We are very happy with our landscaping and the work done by Banfields!" 

Mrs. Krafka

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