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One-of-a-Kind Pool Feature Products and Unmatched Quality

Imagine your own resort. The feelings of peace and relaxation without the stress of packing, hassle of traveling,  & the major expense of a short term vacation.  All you have to do is walk into your very own backyard. We specialize in customized water

feature design—turning any regular backyard into something

far more than an empty, open space. In fact, whatever your

specific outdoor living dreams might be, we can design and

build a unique water feature to fit.

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Pool Slides

       Do you want to give your children a fun way to spend their days at the pool, but you don't want the eyesore of a plastic yellow or off-white acrylic slide ?

     The perfect solution? Custom pool slides from Banfield's! Made from our exclusive engineered stone, our pool slides would look more at home in a hidden jungle oasis or upscale beach resort than your typical kids' playground.

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Whether you prefer a peaceful water wall or an exciting poolside waterfall with massive boulders, we consult with you to select every last detail. 

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Transform your backyard into an exotic locale with privacy waterfalls, sun-shaded built-in seating, and stunning oversized boulders.



Our caves can be designed for practical use or aesthetic appeal. Poolside caves are fun for kids to explore and perfect for adults to grab a cocktail and relax.